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Provisional agenda suggests to organize next ClimbWebNet meeting in the Frankenjura, near Nürnberg, Germany. Sarah, who should be in charge said: " I am not sure if I can provide a swimming pool but it can get quite hot in summer :D" In short: date: late May, early June, to be confirmed place: a "hut" from our mountaineering association should be organised. More info on the Frankenjura:


The International Climbing Web Network (CWN) is the global network of climbing websites. The purpose of the network is to create practical rules for exchanging of national information and photos, and offer the platform for communication both to the climbing community and involved commercial outdoor entities globally. The network members operate on several continents and represents at the moment 8 countries. More...

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International Climbing Web meeting

Europe, France, Volx, 2007
This weekend in Southern France, several of the world’s most prominent climbing and mountaineering websites met to discuss the current state of affairs and possible cooperation within the web community. The central theme of this first meeting was to ask how they can, as a community of websites, better serve the community of readers as a whole. Over the course of four days there was constant discussion at the dinner table and while climbing at the local crags. The result was an agreement to form a network of websites working within a set of loose guidelines to better provide readers with up to date news as well as in-depth content.
1st International Climbing web meeting France 2007
International Meeting Provence
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