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Provisional agenda suggests to organize next ClimbWebNet meeting in the Frankenjura, near Nürnberg, Germany. Sarah, who should be in charge said: " I am not sure if I can provide a swimming pool but it can get quite hot in summer :D" In short: date: late May, early June, to be confirmed place: a "hut" from our mountaineering association should be organised. More info on the Frankenjura:


The International Climbing Web Network (CWN) is the global network of climbing websites. The purpose of the network is to create practical rules for exchanging of national information and photos, and offer the platform for communication both to the climbing community and involved commercial outdoor entities globally. The network members operate on several continents and represents at the moment 8 countries. More...

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About ClimWeb.Net

The Climbing and mountaineering world is small, and it’s media community is even smaller. We used to ask permission of one another to translate articles, use pictures, or ask for contacts and information. In the world of electronic media, the process of acquiring information with consent is often slower than is convenient, or necessary for publication. As the old axiom goes, old news isn’t.

Slowly there came the idea for some of us to organize and improve these exchanges so that they will be more efficient and fruitful.

Comunicating mainly via email, Skype, or MSN, most of us in the climbing media have few chances to meet each other in person. So the first step was to organize a meeting of all the chief editors who were in contact. This was done in May of 2007, in Lincel, France, hosted by

We shared our projects, problems, perspectives of the sport and of its future, and of course climbed in Volx and Buoux! It was then that we decided to take steps forward in working closer together by gathering information, pictures, content and contacts.

We decided on a loose code of ethics for sharing content among members of the group and agreed to make the meeting an annual gathering.

The second meeting took place in 2008 in Prague (Czech Republic), hosted by New websites from other countries joined us and the group decided to choose a name: Climbing Web Network (CWN), to set up a website (, several common tools for a better work together, and rules for new members joining the group. Of course, several climbing sessions helped to integrate the new members.

Slowly the CWN is growing and organizing itself. It is today the widest climbing and mountaineering network in the world, but most of all, it is a real useful and efficient tool for the members of CWN.

Since our meeting in 2008 we continue to grow in numbers, and each month new sites show interest in joining. While we strive to make our network a comprehensive and far reaching resource for the members, we wish to maintain the spirit of friendship and partnership from which it was founded.

Cedric Larcher
2nd International Climbing web meeting