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Provisional agenda suggests to organize next ClimbWebNet meeting in the Frankenjura, near Nürnberg, Germany. Sarah, who should be in charge said: " I am not sure if I can provide a swimming pool but it can get quite hot in summer :D" In short: date: late May, early June, to be confirmed place: a "hut" from our mountaineering association should be organised. More info on the Frankenjura:


The International Climbing Web Network (CWN) is the global network of climbing websites. The purpose of the network is to create practical rules for exchanging of national information and photos, and offer the platform for communication both to the climbing community and involved commercial outdoor entities globally. The network members operate on several continents and represents at the moment 8 countries. More...

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6th Climb Web Net meeting

The ClimbwebNet annual meeting was originally conceived by small group of climbing web editors who met in the south of France. This year the 6th annual meeting was held in the Frankenjura, Germany on the 25th and 26th of May.

The meeting coincided with the climbing festival, where the attendees enjoyed fun climbing and Bavarian “dunkel beer.” Open air discussion at festivals bufet photo by © JirkaS/ After all the hard work and discussions were completed, all the members were given an opportunity to take part in a massive party Fri ...
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5th Climb Web Net meeting

This year's annual meeting (already our fifth) took place in the heart of North Wales. hosted the event in the climbing mecca of Llamberies, where among other things we got rained on, drank beer, and even molested some stone. The event was a great introduction for some of us who had never climbed trad routes before. Location 5th Climb Web Net meeting map by © Left from Rainbow ...
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4th conference

The 4th meeting of International Climbing Web Network ( websites took place in Ychippe Leignon, close to prominent belgium crag Freyr in Belgium on May 13th-16th, 2010.

The cooperation is based on exchanging of information, respecting copyrights roles and establishing of relations focused on commercial aspects. This year couple of new members entered the group. From the international cooperation we see for readers following benefits: more interesting news and informations about climbing in f ...
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Successful 3rd meeting

Climbing websites cooperate on international level

15 online editors representing ten climbing web pages from all over the world have met in Catalunya from May 21st until 24th. Between going climbing in Siurana, Margalef and Montserrat, the team members discussed new ideas and intensified cooperation between the sites. It all started with a couple of webmasters who wanted to work togethe ...
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3rd International Climbing web meeting takes place this year in a small rural town in Catalunya.

A house for the meeting is in Albi – which is situated near well known climbing areas Margalef and Siurana.

We expect to have a fruitful roundtable discussion there and we hope that we will also be able to arrange some climbing in surrounding scenic limestone areas. Albi The town of l'Albi (807 inhabitants) lies at the foot of the 12th-century medieval castle, now in ruins. The parish church of Santa Maria dates back to the 18th century, and ...
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